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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Downsides of Browser Isolation and Upcoming Security Tech


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Browser security has evolved quite a lot over the past. There was once a time when Browser Isolation was the ultimate defense against browser exploits and malware downloads. However, today, it no longer meets the demands of modern SaaS-focused environment.

Browser Isolation became less effective due to many reasons. For instance, there were limitations like reduced browser performance and the inability to combat modern web threats like phishing and malicious extensions. Therefore, now it is time for a transition towards more advanced solutions.

Security Gaps in Browser Isolation

Browser Isolation once stood as an effective approach for cybersecurity. However, it came at a cost—business productivity.

Browser Isolation demanded isolation and virtualization, which took a toll on the CPU, slowing it down. Moreover, recent shifts in web-borne threats like ransomware, malware, and phishing added to the complexity.

Browser Isolation, which was designed for a different era, ultimately struggled to keep pace—leaving behind a visible security gap.

Secure Browser Extensions as the Next-Generation of Browser Security Solutions

The future of browser security now lies with Secure Browser Extensions. These cutting-edge solutions address the ever-evolving challenges in web security, turning out to be the perfect replacement for outdated Browser Isolation methods.

What Do They Bring to the Table?

  1. Greater Visibility: It enables you to get real-time insights into every nook and corner of your browsing session so that nothing escapes your watchful eye.
  2. Risk Analysis: You get to continuously monitor and validate malicious activities. This ensures you are one step ahead of the threat actors.
  3. Precise Enforcement: These extensions can seamlessly blend into your existing browser and work behind the scenes to automatically disable malicious web page components or block suspicious access attempts.

Unlike Browser Isolation, Secure Browser Extensions don’t require heavy CPU consumption. They also have negligible impact on the browsing experience, which means they won’t slow you down. Also, they are super-flexible and are great for all kinds of workplaces.

Samita Nayak
Samita Nayak
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