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Azure Migration Readiness Toolkit

Migrating your data to the cloud promises a sky’s-the-limit future, but turbulence can arise in the form of unforeseen challenges and unprepared teams. Plus, data professionals, database admins, and IT decision makers like you often face challenges during the migration journey. But fear not. This white paper is your secret weapon for a smooth cloud […]

A Guide to Moving from Transactions and Reports to Strategic Actions in Insurance

Collaboration across departments is pivotal for driving growth initiatives, with CEOs increasingly relying on CFOs for strategic guidance.

Make Your Facilities Data Work for You: Harnessing the Power of Analytics

Download the white paper now to empower your teams, optimize operations, and place data at the core of your decision-making.

Be Ready: Four Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

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ERP Integration Roadmap: A Buyer’s Guide to Smarter Integration

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Artificial Intelligence, Real Solutions for Business

This latest white paper delves into real-world business challenge where you’ll explore how AI-infused solutions can elevate efficiency, streamline processes, and equip your company for inevitable change.

Integrating Requirements with the Entire Product Lifecycle

Requirement management now plays a more crucial role than in the past in deciding how well a product is developed.

Forecasting Inventory Needs with Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI-powered inventory management is the answer to your scaling challenges.

Create with Confidence: Using GenAI with Integrity

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Extending Design Technology Co-Optimization from Technology Launch to Hvm with Calibre Fab Solutions

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Empowering Innovation Through Responsible AI Governance

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Collective Intelligence Can Elevate Artificial Intelligence

This white paper explores how blending collective intelligence with AI can mitigate bias and enhance decision-making.